Micah WREST Prayer — By: Katie Lesh

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“God you are. powerful, fantastic, loving, caring, and absolutely amazing! I am selfish. I compare myself to others instead of accepting god’s love for me! I have let others control my emotions and my decisions. I haven’t been completely truthful. My anxiety has gotten the best of me many times. However, ii know you still love me anyway! I pray that you reopen my eyes to see the good in life instead of negativity and help me to love others more than I do now! Help me to be the person you called me to be. ! pray that you use me to help share about you to non-believers. Lord, I thank you so much for my spiritual gifts, giving me peace, love, patience, strength, self-control, and compassion when I needed it! I also wanted to thank you for nature, family, and friends. I love you so much! I am overwhelmed with how much you blessed me when I don’t deserve it! Amen.”  – Katie Lesh, Class of 2017

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