The Methodist Book of Discipline guidelines require that we attempt to personally contact members who have joined another church or are no longer active in our church community before we remove them from our membership roll. Please review the list of names below to see those who we have attempted to contact but have not heard back from or for whom we do not have current information. If you know any of these “missing” members, please send us their contact information (address, email, phone) and/or ask the member to contact Virginia Compton via email at or call her at 972-618-3450, ext. 265. A full printed list of the “missing” names is available at the front office during business hours.
“Missing” Members List 2020

Jason Acton
Briana Afseth
Broc Afseth
Daniel Afseth
Grant Afseth
Lana Afseth
Keenan Allison
Reyburn Anderson
Katie Andrews
Jim Asa
Judy Asa
Andrea Balda
Erica Balda
Jamie Balda
Jan Balda
Mark Balda
Tony Balda
Jason Barrentine
Tyler Barrentine
Devon Beck
Dylan Beck
Phillip Beitelspacher
Suzanne Beitelspacher
Don Belvin
Stazi Belvin
Dean Bishop
Nicole Bishop
Zach Bishop
Haylee Bova
Laura Bova
Robert Bova
Beth Bownds
Mary Brady
Brenda Brand
Jackson Branstetter
Alex Broom
Gail Brown
Ken Brown
Megan Brown
Tristan Brown
Geoffrey Browning
Greg Browning
Matthew Browning
Sean Browning
Sheri Browning
Steve Brunson
Amanda Burnett
Edith Bustos
Cal Butcher
Candace Carlisle
Fran Chalmers
Henry Chappell
Jane Chappell
Nicki Chappell
Bill Clem
Sherrie Clem
Connie Clemmer
George Clough
Judy Clough
Kathryn Clubb
Christina Comley
Sandy Conrad
Bob Coulbourne
Carol Coulbourne
Susan Dacus
Karoline Daniel
Kristen Daniel
Mark Daniel
Megan Daniel
Cristy Davaloz
Kim Davaloz
Joe Davis
Tina Davis
Jaynie Denmon
Andrea Doerr
Dave Doerr
Dana Emmons
Trent Emmons
Leslie English-Fisher
Tony Esposito
Lauren Evans
Collin Fletcher
Annalee Foley
Robert Gaines
Sam Garcia
Audrey Georger
Donna Georger
Jim Georger
Tyler Georger
Greg Gotchall
Maggie Groves
Jonathan Hager
Kyle Hagerty
Siun Hall
Amanda Hare
Carole Harpole
Alice Haslam
Peter Haslam
Cliff Hedrick
Chrisleigh Heller
Chris Hobble
John Hobble
Mary Hobble
Chrissy Hudman
James Hudman
Bryan Janak
Gilda Janak
Stephanie Johnson
Debbie Jones
Diana Jones
Lloyd Jones
Jennifer Kennedy
Austin Kingsolver
Kathy Kingsolver
Mark Kingsolver
Tyler Kirkman
Kim Klein
Matthew Knauth
Taylor Knauth
Cathy Knox-Seith
Jerry Kocher
Linda Kocher
Lindsay Kuisis
Brian Ladr
Grace Ladr
Monique Lambring
Lynette Langford
Jennifer Larriviere
Thomas Larriviere
Nancy Lee
Ashley Lemon
Bradley Lemon
Judy Levin
Rachel Levin
Ernest Lineberger
Kevin Lipscomb
Craig Loving
Porscha Lucas
John Manby
Lois Mansfield
Tom Mant
Amiee Marcell
Claire Mathison
Blake Matthews
Beverly McCashen
Taryn McDonald
Bren Melby
Irene Meschberger
Jenny Miller
JoAnn Miller
Tal Miller
Don Mitchell
Gina Mitchell
James Mitchell
Meredith Mitchell
Mason Mohanna
Bridget Mohrmann
John Morehead
Lai Morehead
Connie Morrison
Jennifer Mrazek
Etta Muller
Megan Murray
Scott Musick
Emily Myers
Matthew Myers
Dick Neal
Linda Neal
Brandon Nelson
C.J. Nelson
Carla Nelson
John Nelson
Mable Ngoma
Nancy Nickell
Jaber Niknam
Wesley Noon
Andrew Nunnally
Dustin Pennington
Kristi Pennington
Scott Pennington
Connor Peska
Karen Peska
Kaylie Peska
Ashley Pfannenstiel
Christa Pfannenstiel
Scott Pfeiffer
Andrew Phillips
Christian Phillips
Linda Pieratt
J.C. Posey
Amanda Praestholm
Will Price
Les Priebe
Virginia Priebe
Lauren Ransom
Tim Rau
Doug Reece
Mary Reece
Patti Reeves
Ron Reeves
Barbara Richmond
Cooper Roach
Nathan Roach
David Rogers
Roshi Roshandel
Shelley Sacarello
Brenda Sangrey
Jim Sangrey
Kristen Schadt
Beth Schmiedel
Ben Shawn
Brian Shawn
Sam Shawn
Tracy Shawn
David Shipp
Lucia Shipp
Paige Shipp
Evelyn Simmons
Austin Skinner
Bailey Skinner
Dakota Skinner
Gina Skinner
Johnny Skinner
Ron Skolek
Karen Smith
Mary Smith
Brenda Speed
Troy Speed
Christopher Sterling
Allison Stoker
Larry Taylor
Shanna Teel
Jillian Tekell
Ian Thomas
Peyton Thompson
Henry Tracy
Megan True
Michael True
Callan Veteto
Lisa Veteto
Mike Veteto
Dena Wall
John Ward
Luanne Ward
Mark Watkins
Mary Watkins
Scott Watkins
Will Watkins
Susan Watson
Jenna Wenaas
Richard Wilson
Jeff Wodka
Casie Wofford
Michael Wolfe
John Wright
Lauren Wright
Lori Wright
Amy Xia
John Xia
Bill Young
Ginny Young
Alyssa Zarro
Craig Ziemkiewicz
Kellie Ziemkiewicz

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