New Elementary Release Policy Beginning Sunday, September 18

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Your child’s safety while they in our care is of utmost importance.  For this reason, we are updating our policy for how your child is released at the end of the Sunday School hour.

Beginning September 18:

  • Students in grades Kinder-4th grade will not be able to leave the classroom without an adult or older sibling to sign them out.
  • With written permission from their parents, 5th graders may leave the classroom on their own to meet parents at a designated location.
  • Each student in grades Kinder-4th will have two stickers print out when they check in. One sticker will be placed on their shirt. The second sticker should be given to the parent or older sibling (5th grade and above) who will be picking up the student at the end of class.  This pick up sticker must be presented to the classroom teacher before your child will be released.

If your child currently has a release form on file and is leaving the classroom on their own, we would like to encourage you to begin transitioning over to our new policy between now and September 18.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Heather Hammer via email here or Lauren Webster via email here at any time.

We pray that this will not only create a more secure environment for our children, but that it will also help us to better partner with you and your family as you develop deeper relationships with the teachers and shepherds in your child’s classroom.

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