UPDATE: Due to the increasing numbers of COVID-19 in Collin County, we are choosing to cancel our July Open Table Communion Event. This event was scheduled to take place this Sunday, July 5, at Custer Road Corner. Instead, we are encouraging everyone to gather their Communion elements at home so we may all take Communion together during our 9:45am and 11am online worship services. This wasn’t an easy decision to make, but we feel it is the correct one.  


Even though we aren't able to worship together in person, we are still able to come together to worship online alone together. This month, we're are wanting to share in Holy Communion together in a sacred and safe way. This event is for everyone in our community... members of our Custer Road family, visitors, neighbors, and anyone is welcomed to come and join us at our Open Table Communion Event!

Holy Communion Liturgy Videos:
Below we have our Holy Communion liturgy recorded in both english and español with Rev. Sharon O'Connor and Rev. David Rangel. Play the Communion video of your choice from your cellphone in your car once you arrive at the parking lot of Custer Road Corner (corner of Custer and Legacy). Then you will receive Holy Communion from one of our pastors and a blessing. If you would like to take time to pray once you receive Communion, you are welcome to do so in the areas marked off for prayer at Custer Road Corner.

A pesar de no poder adorar juntos en persona, aún podemos unirnos para adorar juntos en línea. Este mes, queremos compartir juntos la Santa Comunión de una manera sagrada y segura. ¡En la Comunión de Mesa Abierta todos son bienvenidos! Miembros de la iglesia, visitantes, vecinos y cualquier persona es bienvenida. Únase a nosotros en Custer Road Corner (estacionamiento en la esquina de Custer Rd y Legacy) de 10:30 a.m. a 1 p.m.

Videos de la Liturgia de la Santa Comunión:
A continuación tenemos la liturgia de la Santa Comunión grabada en inglés y español con la Rev. Sharon O’Connor y el Rev. David Rangel. Al llegar al estacionamiento de la esquina de Custer Road (Custer Rd y Legacy) reproduzca el video de Comunión que elija desde su teléfono celular en su automóvil. Después, avanzara en su automóvil a recibir la Santa Comunión por parte de uno de nuestros pastores. Si necesita oración en español, habrá un área designada en el estacionamiento para ello.

Holy Communion Liturgy with Rev. Sharon O'Connor

Holy Communion Liturgy En Español with Rev. David Rangel

Map for the Custer Road Open Table Communion Event: