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Collection Starts April 10 

You’re invited to a Baby Shower on April 24 & May 1! GRADUATION CELEBRATION MAY 11

We are showering Plano teen parents, who are part of the PISD School Age Parent Program (SAPP), with gifts (new, unwrapped items) and Walmart gift cards for their infants/toddlers on April 24 and May 1 and we want YOU to be a part of this wonderful mission! The purpose of SAPP is to provide both practical and emotional support that expectant or parenting teens need in order to help them stay in school, stay on track for graduation and be the best parents they can be. Please bring items to the table in The Commons on April 24 or May 1, or to the bin in the Mission Donation Area any time between April 10 and May 1.  

At the graduation celebration in May, Custer Road will help students exchange bonus bucks (earned for good grades, attending parenting classes, taking babies to well-checks, etc.) for new baby items. Gifts you bring not only provide much needed material support, but reward for students’ efforts to graduate and become capable and loving parents. Won’t you help us surround these young parents and their families with the love of Christ?  

An Amazon Wish list has been created for your convenience. When you check out on Amazon, you can have the gifts sent directly to Akeisha Shipman (this option will be in the list of delivery options) or you can bring the item to the church as stated above.  

Thank you in advance for your support of this wonderful program! 

Amazon Wish List  

Sign-Up Genius with the links to the Amazon wish list as well 

The PISD School Age Parent program is hosting a Graduation and End-of-Year Celebration with a catered dinner for its 2022 seniors and other students & families on May 11. We need volunteers to help make this a very special event for the families!  It’s a fun event and dinner is included. Please sign-up HERE volunteer for this event.  

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of Plano families!

For more information contact Becky Hary.

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