A pivotal time in our building campaign

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Dear Church Family, 
There was energy throughout our church building this past Wednesday as hundreds of women from Bible Study Fellowship were here for the first time this fall. For the last two years, Custer Road has been blessed to host this amazing ministry, and it’s always good to have the women and their children filling our sanctuary, halls, and classrooms with their worship, study, and prayers each week. If you’re not familiar with Bible Study Fellowship (BSF), it’s an interdenominational bible study that has over 1000 classes in 39 countries. Their mission is to help believers come to know God better and to equip them to serve the local church. For years, Jennifer has wanted to participate in BSF but juggling the demands of her job with motherhood and family commitments have forced it on the back burner until now. With our youngest now in kindergarten, Jennifer has given herself the gift of these two hours once a week to grow in her faith, and after just one meeting, I know it’s going to be an enormous blessing to her and to our entire family.
Because of your generosity, our building serves as an enormous tool for ministry and outreach in our community. In addition to Bible Study Fellowship, we host an Alzheimer’s respite group, a Parkinson’s group, Celebrate Recovery, Friday Nite Friends, Scouts, and many other groups on a weekly and monthly basis. We also host many local school and community musical performances throughout the year. As such, our building has served our community well for many years. That being said, I ask you to join me in prayer this week as we hit a pivotal point in our Above and Beyond Building Campaign and campus redesign. Over the next two weeks the building team will begin presenting revised building plans to multiple church committees for approval. If our Finance Team, Board of Trustees, and Church Council approve the new plans, then we will schedule a Called Church Conference near the end of October to present the revised plans, updated financing, and construction timeline to the entire congregation for approval. Between now and then, we will work to keep you informed by providing various opportunities for you to hear and learn more about the project.
As you recall, our initial plans came in over budget after we engaged general contractors to spec out the architects’ design. In order to be the best stewards of the money God has provided for this project, we sent the architects back to the drawing board to take another look at how we could reimagine our building and assess the purpose and scope of the renovation project. As we have moved forward, our five pillars (dynamic worship, evangelism and hospitality, family building, discipleship, and missions) have remained the driving force behind every aspect of the new design. Also, in a surprising way, the financial constraints have encouraged us to really focus on the aspects of the building renovations that will most effectively support these pillars and serve the church and the community for years to come.
During this process, our building team found ways to be incredibly creative in getting the most out of every dollar of our budget. Accordingly, I believe that God has directed the steps of our lay leaders and our building committee members throughout this entire process, and that the plan that God has given us will enable us to reach even more of our neighbors with the Good News of Jesus Christ!
I hope you’ll join us on Sunday as we begin our new sermon series “Cultivate.” This week we’re going to be talking about Jesus as the Good Shepherd and how he desires to lead his sheep to green pastures.
I look forward to worshipping with you on Sunday.
Pastor Kory

Reverend Kory Knott
Senior Minister, Custer Road United Methodist Church

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