My prayer for our children as they head back to school

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Dear Church Family,

I hope you’ve been enjoying the unseasonably cool weather this week. Although it’s been crazy seeing temperatures in the mid to upper 80’s the last few days of summer break, you won’t find me complaining! And the cooler weather has been just the thing to get our kids excited about school starting again!

Be sure to have your students bring their backpacks with them on Sunday and have them join you in worship as we have our annual Blessing of the Backpacks. This is a special time for students of all ages as we take a moment to pray for them and the upcoming school year. They will also receive a special tag to carry with them as a reminder that no matter what happens throughout the year, they are covered in the prayers of their church family. We will also be praying for all of our teachers and school administrators at this time as well.

To that end, would you join me in praying for all those who attend and work in our schools? May God offer a hedge of protection over all of our students, faculty and staff. May God give our teachers wisdom and discernment, grace and patience. And may God help our church find creative ways to partner with the schools in our community.

My personal prayer for my children this year is that they will be leaders for Christ in their classrooms and that His love might flow out of them in such a way that their lives will be a blessing to their fellow classmates and their teachers.

Before we head back to school, our oldest daughter gets to perform in her second show, James and the Giant Peach, with Plano Children’s Theater beginning this weekend. Taylor has really fallen in love with musical theater, thanks in large part to the experiences she’s had participating in the Children’s Music Ministry here at Custer Road.

If you love music and have never gotten involved in our Music Ministry, you are missing out! We have groups for virtually every age and musical talent or ability. A Music Ministry table will be in Fellowship Hall this Sunday to answer any questions about choirs, instrumental or handbell groups and to help you or a family member register.

I’m thankful for the response we’ve had to the first sermon in our series, “Finding Forgiveness”. This week, we’ll be talking about Reconciliation. Leading up to that, I want you to be thinking about any relationships in your life that might need to be reconciled. I also want you to ask yourself if the forgiveness you have given to others or yourself mirrors the forgiveness you’ve received in Jesus Christ. Our relationships with others on earth are frequently a reflection of our relationship with God, and when we come to truly understand the fullness of grace and forgiveness we have through Christ, it will impact our ability to offer grace and forgiveness to others.

See you on Sunday!


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