Project Transformation Summer 2020

Since their founding in 1998, Project Transformation has addressed three unique challenges with one program: 1) how to meet the academic, physical, social-emotional, and spiritual needs of children from low-income communities, 2) how to provide meaningful ways for college-age young adults to explore ministry opportunities and develop as young principled leaders for the church and the world; and 3) how to help revitalize churches in underserved communities.

Project Transformation's Impact:

Project Transformation’s collaborative model of ministry harnesses the creative energy and leadership of college age young adults, who live in intentional community, and lead summer and after-school programs for children and youth in various underserved neighborhoods. PT’s young adults (PT Corps Members) meet with church and nonprofit leaders to explore various ministry-related vocations and spend time discerning their vocational call to life-long service.

Project Transformation engages over 100 college-age young adults in ministry and service with over 1,000 underserved children and youth in 10 site churches located in low-income communities.

Project Transformation -- Summer 2020

Coronavirus has changed so much for us lately and it won't be any different for Project Transformation this summer. Their mission to transform communities by engaging children, college-age young adults, and churches in purposeful relationships is still their driving force. In order for them to continue with their mission and keep everyone safe, changes were made for this summer.

The 35 college students hired, who are staying at home, are providing virtual lessons to the youth and children at each participant's home. Yes this is very different, but the participants are not forgotten. The participants will also receive a grab-and-go style lunch from Monday-Thursday. They will also be receiving a "summer camp in a bag" once in June and once in July! This bag will contain educational and fun items.

  • Grab-And-Go Lunches Program

    July 6-9 , 10am-2pm
    Casa Linda UMC
    Three volunteers are needed per day. Anyone ages 18-64 is welcome to sign-up to serve. Volunteers must be willing to have their temperature taken upon arrival, Gloves and masks are required to be worn and . Also, a Background Check is required, but Ministry Safe Training is not. Casa Linda UMC is located at 1800 Barnes Bridge Road, Dallas.

  • Summer Camp In a Bag

    What a fun surprise for the participants!
    There is no age requirement for this opportunity. Each summer camp in a bag is identical..Give one or more "Summer Camp in a Bags" at $25 per bag. Donation can be made through the button on the donation button or by check mailed to Custer Road UMC (or topped off at CRUMC) and please note Project Transformation in the memo line.

  • Pray for Project Transformation

    Thank you for loving Project Transformation!
    The Project Transformation staff, summer staff, and participants are all in need our your prayers and support. Sign up to receive Project Transformation's daily prayer guide designed to help their supporters stay engaged with them this summer while praying for this ministry.

Questions? Contact:

Gale Paul is the Project Transformation Mission Coordinator at Custer Road. You can reach her via email at