The Columbarium

ColumbariumThere seems to be no more fitting place as the final resting place of a Christian than at his or her church. The concept of residing on consecrated church property is an old one, dating from the very beginnings of Christianity and is sound for both theological and practical reasons. The Columbarium at Custer Road United Methodist Church will be just that, a place of tranquility and reverence where individuals can visit loved ones to celebrate their lives and prayerfully meditate.

What is a columbarium?  The word columbarium is derived from the Latin word columba meaning “dovecote.”  A “dovecote” is a compartmented structure that is a home to doves; a symbol we use to represent God’s spirit and peace. In today’s modern adaptation, a columbarium is a place for the respectful and sacred storage of cremated remains.  It is a permanent structure comprised of small compartments, or niches, with each niche designed to hold two urns.


Preliminary Artist Renderings

Our Columbarium will be located on the exterior wall on the north side of the sanctuary. As cremation becomes a more popular option, the Columbarium will provide the opportunity for the deceased to reside where they worshipped and enable surviving family members, friends and fellow worshippers to frequently pay their respects. Choosing the Columbarium at Custer Road UMC provides your family the opportunity for a memorial service, inurnment and reception all in one place.  It also removes many of the decisions associated with a traditional funeral, alleviating some financial stresses in an already difficult time of grief.

We know you have many questions. Click on the Frequently Asked Questions below, or contact the Rev. John Richardson.

The Custer Road UMC Columbarium will be located on the exterior wall on the north side of the sanctuary with beautiful granite niches. The sacred space will also include a soothing fountain, an impressionable cross sculpture and impeccably maintained landscaping.
Perhaps the most comforting reason for choosing a columbarium is the idea of being peacefully laid to rest in your church home – or a place that is familiar to you and/or your loved ones. In addition, the cost of a columbarium niche and cremation are typically less than half the cost of a casket, burial site and marker.
Our Columbarium is open to Custer Road UMC members (both present and past) and their family members, clergy (both present and past) along with their family members, as well as friends within the community of Custer Road UMC. All Subscriber Agreements for Inurnment Rights must be approved by the Custer Road UMC Columbarium Committee.
The price per niche is $4,500. Payment for each niche includes inurnment, two urns, and engraving the name plate of the niche for each loved one.
To purchase a niche, you must complete a Subscriber Agreement for Inurnment Rights and have it approved by the Columbarium Committee. The niche must be paid in full before a certificate of ownership can be issued. To speak with someone regarding purchasing a niche, please contact Rev. John Richardson at (972) 618-3450 ext. 250
Niches are assigned based on availability and the Columbarium Committee’s decision.
To ensure your niche location is near a loved one, both niches should be purchased at the same time.
Custer Road UMC does not provide crematory services. However, we are happy to provide you with a list of companies that can perform this service.
Each niche will have a nameplate with the deceased names and dates of birth and death.
To reserve a niche in the Custer Road UMC columbarium, you must fill out a Subscriber Agreement for Inurnment Rights and pay for the niche in full. Once approved by the Columbarium Committee and full payment is received, a certificate of niche ownership will be issued to you.
Yes.We provide a full memorial service with the Columbarium inurnment and upon request, we can coordinate a reception at Custer Road UMC. This helps ease the stress of this difficult time for the family and prevents guests from having to travel to additional locations.
Any time the doors of Custer Road UMC are open, our Columbarium gates will be open as well. Generally, this is any time from morning until dusk.
Transfers are assessed on a case by case basis by the Columbarium Committee. All requests must be made in writing and do not guarantee that a transfer will be made. If a transfer is granted, a fee (determined by the Columbarium Committee of Custer Road) must be paid in full and a new Subscriber Agreement for Inurnment Rights must be completed and approved by all parties. Once this process is complete, a new certificate of ownership will be issued and the transfer will be complete.