Scientific Saturday- Wash Your Hands!

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Happy Saturday, Custer Road! Saturday has always been a great day to connect as a family after a long week, and we pray that during our time of social distancing this still rings true! Play a game, cook a meal, build a tower, read a book- or maybe even do an easy science experiment to get you ready for Pastor Kory’s sermon! Tomorrow Pastor Kory will be reminding us how important it is to not only have clean hands, but clean hearts too! And don’t forget to join us tomorrow morning for online worship at 9:45 or 11:00!


Activity Instructions: (You can hop on over to the Fantastic Fun and Learning blog for the full instructions.)
-Gather your supplies: a bowl of water, black pepper, and dish soap. Talk about what your kids know about soap and why we use it.
-Tell them that you are going to learn about how soap makes germs scatter, and ask them to sprinkle some pepper into the bowl. (Don’t add too much for the demonstration will not work as well.) Observe what the pepper does. Does it float or sink? It floats on the top of the water like germs stay on the surface of our skin.
-Cover one finger in dish soap.
-Now for the big moment! And it’s a fast one, so make sure everyone is watching. Stick the finger that is covered in soap into the water in the center of the bowl. And POOF! Those “germs” scatter to the edge of the bowl. It’s quick, but powerful and kids remember that moment. Afterward, you can talk about how “germs” are afraid of soap and what you can learn from this demonstration!
-Inquisitive little scientists might want to know exactly why this happens since the pepper isn’t really “germs.” The demonstration has more to do with the soap and water. The pepper just allows us to actually see what is happening. When soap is added to the water it lowers the surface tension of the water causing the water molecules on the surface to “scatter” or pull away from the point where you added the soap.

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