Senior High Revelation Choir Tour WREST Prayer — By: Melissa Vick

Rob Webster Revelation Choir Tour -- WREST Prayers 2019 Leave a Comment

“Heavenly Father, help me to make you hold of my life. Help me to show your love and every action I make. And all that I do, God, wherever i go in life, help me make to be a true disciple of your word and a witness to your love. God, cleanse me from any and all toxic cultures that I may surround myself in. Take away my selfishness and leave nothing, but love in my heart. God, help me to be a symbol of your love. And every part of my life, in every relationship, help me to see past the brokenness, guilt, and shame. God, fill me up with love! And in that love, help me to be patient kind, humble, and generous and my actions. I pray that those actions won’t reflect my own achievements, I’d rather the love in the glory of God. Thank you for the Abundant opportunities I am given to lay down my life. I am forever grateful for those blessings you have poured on my life! Fill me up with love. Amen.”
– Melissa Vick, Class of 2020

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