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Dear Church Family, 
Wow! What a birthday week it has been for me. So many of you took time to send me special wishes for a wonderful year, and it is a reminder of just how blessed I am to be a part of such a loving congregation. Jennifer and I celebrated with a special night out together as well, so my year is off to an incredible start! 
Thanks to all who participated in the first fruits offeringthis past weekend. So far we have collected nearly $1.3 million of the $5.76 million that has been pledged to the “Above and Beyond” campaign. This will give us a wonderful financial cushion as we enter the design phase of campus renovation and prepare for construction to start later in 2016. To learn more about our plans or to get involved in the campaign you can click here.
Also, a big thanks to all of you who provided meals and cots for the tornado relief volunteers who have been staying here at the church. The relief workers had so many kind things to say about our facility and our members. The hospitality was truly appreciated. If you still want to make a difference in the lives of storm disaster victims you can make a donation to the North Texas Disaster Relief Fund.
We had a great start to the new sermons series “Christianity and the Religions of the World” and hope that you will join us this Sunday as we take a look at the religion ofBuddhism. I’m really excited about this message because I think we have a unique opportunity to share a specific element of our testimony with those of the Buddhist faith and have an eternal impact in their lives. 
As our church continues to grow, and we have more and more first time guests worshiping with us each week, I want to ask those of you who are able to park at our remote parking located at the corner of Custer and Legacy. Parking at the corner makes it easier for our new guests to find a place to park near the church and is a wonderful way to demonstrate the love of Jesus through radical hospitality. Riding the bus also gives you an opportunity to meet other members of the church that you might not otherwise have the opportunity to meet. Of course my kids also love getting to start their morning off with a couple of donut holes!
Speaking of radical hospitality, another way to show God’s love to others is to serve on our parking ministry team. This is a great ministry opportunity for adults and even for parents who might want to serve alongside their son or daughter. Please contact Kelly Graeber at if you would like to learn more.
Thanks again for all you are doing in the name of Jesus Christ.
Many Blessings,

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