A step forward in our building redesign

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Dear Church Family,

Over the course of the past three months, our Building Committee has been working with our architects to reimagine the strategic redesign for our campus. While the plans vary from what we originally presented to you last spring (as a result of budget constraints) the heart of the redesign continues to be driven by the Five Pillars we identified as critical to the future growth of our church.

Last week the Building Committee was able to present those plans to the staff, Trustees and Finance committees. I’m thrilled to say that both committees unanimously approved the plans and are presenting them to the Church Council tomorrow night. Please note the meeting tomorrow night is an open meeting to anyone who would like to attend. We will be meeting in room 204 at 6:30 PM. If our Church Council approves the new design, then we’ll schedule another Called Church Conference for sometime in late October. In order for the congregation to have ample time to gain a full understanding of the scope of the project, we will begin sharing the new floor plans and designs with you this week. Also, please be sure to check out our Frequently Asked Questions section on our Above and Beyond Campaign website.

Please continue to keep this process in your prayers as we seek to follow God’s will for the future ministry and outreach of the church so we can live into our mission of helping everyone to know the love of Christ.

On Tuesday, our staff took some time out of the office for a team building day. We headed to Escape Experts in Plano where we were broken up into groups for an hour long challenge where we were locked in a room and had to solve multiple puzzles and clues to get out. Two of our groups were successful. Two of the teams were not, but to their credit, they were in rooms the staff told us were SIGNIFICANTLY harder! It was a great opportunity to have some fun as a staff and to learn more about the various members of our team!

After the challenge, we enjoyed a wonderful lunch and homemade deserts. After lunch, our newest pastor, Rev. Nancy Sherman led us in an hour long audit of sorts, where we took stock of different areas of our lives ranging from emotional, spiritual, physical, connectional, financial, etc., and we tried to pinpoint a single word to identify something we need to work on. As you look at your life in it’s entirety, are there areas where you are doing really well and areas where you are struggling?

If so, be encouraged by what Nancy told us on Tuesday. “Balance is a bit of a fallacy,” she said. Rather, life is about rhythm. Recognize that there are times when certain aspects of your life will need more attention and it will come at the expense of other areas. It’s okay as long as the pendulum continues swinging back and forth so no part of you gets completely neglected.

I hope you find yourself in rhythm with the Spirit of God this week.



Reverend Kory Knott

Senior Minister, Custer Road United Methodist Church

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