Thankful Thursday

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At the beginning of Lent, I challenged all of our kids to take some time each day to be quiet with God.  At the time it was meant to contrast the hectic pace of our busy lives and remind us to focus on God in the midst of chaos.  Little did we know, just a few weeks later, we’d find our pace slowed, our lives less hectic, but our need for time with God even more pressing.  Each child took home a kit to use with their family to set the stage for a sacred moment- a candle and a card with Scripture to read.  If you have yours- grab it now!  If not, you can share with me.  View the video HERE so that we can all share in quiet moment together.

Friends, you are so loved.  By your children’s ministry team and by an unstoppable God who is with you right now.  Be blessed!



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