The Last Supper- Holy Week 2020

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This year for Holy Week, we are providing daily Scriptures, a photo scavenger hunt, and simple activity for you to read with your family to help you connect with God and each other.  You can read all about it here.


As a family read Luke 22:14-20. Maybe you’d like to download a Bible app to your phone and read it while you take a walk outside! Questions you may want to ask your family:
-Have you ever had to say goodbye to someone that you really loved? How did that make you feel? How do you think Jesus felt saying goodbye to his friends, the Disciples?
-What does Jesus want us to remember every time we take communion?
-What can our family do between now and Easter to remember Jesus?
You can watch Ms. Veronica share the story of the Last Supper from her Spark Story Bible HERE. If you have your Spark Story Bible, you can follow along on page 364.  Or, you can watch an animated version of the story HERE.
Today’s Scavenger Hunt item is a place where you and your family can share a snack or meal together. Maybe you’d like to take a walk to find a great picnic spot. Or maybe you’ll want to take a walk to the dining room table. Maybe it’s somewhere where you always share meals together- or maybe today you eat together some place different! Once you find a spot for your meal or snack take a picture and post them to The Last Supper thread on our Facebook page or email to and we’ll post for you!
One of the greatest blessings of this quarantine is the ability for families to gather around the table together daily- even multiple times a day! We know that there is something powerful and beautiful about sharing a meal together, so it is no surprise that Jesus chose a meal as his goodbye to the Disciples and as the imagery for the communion ritual that followers of Jesus have been participating in ever since. So, today’s activity is simple:
  • Share a meal together! Thank God for each member of your family and thank God for Jesus!
  • Looking for more? Use play-doh to make a pretend meal. Serve your family your delicious feast!
  • Or use play food to make a feast and set a table for your distinguished guests- the Disciples as played by your favorite stuffed friends!
  • Don’t forget to tune in at 7:30 for our Maundy Thursday service on Facebook or at

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