Washing Feet- Holy Week 2020

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Holy Week is here and it feels different for a million reasons. But one thing is certain, now more than ever, we need the hope of Jesus! So as we began thinking about what Holy Week would look like for our kids this year, we began asking ourselves what was essential about Easter? What is the heart of the message? What is the thing that we want to celebrate now that we’ve been given permission to put aside the busyness?
We think this year that less is more. That the heart of the Easter message isn’t found in intricate details or big events. But in quiet moments- shared with your family and Jesus.
So our prayer this year is that the blessing of this mess will be that you and your family get quiet moments to connect with Jesus in ways that might not have been possible in the midst of “normal” life. An opportunity to connect with each other without worrying about what’s next on the schedule. To laugh, and have fun, and remember that Jesus loves you so much that he wants to be your friend forever!
We’re taking a break from our regularly scheduled social media schedule to bring you a daily Holy Week experience. The concept is simple:
  • Read/Watch a Scripture story for the day
  • Take a fun family selfie with a Scavenger Hunt item that relates to the story. You can take a walk outside together or simply look around your house.
  • Do an activity together that relates to the story.
We’ll send you an email each morning with the day’s Scripture as well as post information to our Facebook Page and Children’s Ministry Blog. Follow along in real time or simply do the activities when you are able.
We pray that your family will be blessed this Holy Week and look forward to seeing how God works through your family’s faith journey in new ways!
As a family read John 13:1-17. Maybe you’d like to download a Bible app to your phone and read it while you take a walk outside! Questions you may want to ask your family:
-How do you think the Disciples felt when Jesus was washing their feet?
-How do you think Jesus felt when was washing their feet?
-How does it make you feel that Jesus would wash your dirty feet?
-What is Jesus trying to teach us through this story?
-What ways can we serve others in humility like Jesus served?


CLICK HERE to watch Ms. Heather read an excerpt from one of her favorite books- Easter Love Letters from God that tells the story of Jesus washing His Disciples feet!
CLICK HERE to watch this animated version of the story!
Today’s Scavenger Hunt item is water.  Take a walk around the block or walk around the living room and be on the lookout for water.  Can you find a puddle?  A stream? A pool? A glass of water? A family member washing their hands?  Washing dishes?  Once your find it take a picture and post to the Washing Feet thread on our Facebook Page or email to hhammer@crumc.org and we’ll post for you!

Have your own foot (or hand) washing ceremony at home! Take turns washing each family member’s feet, making sure that each person has a chance to wash and be washed. You can use a basin with warm soapy water and a washcloth or even baby wipes or paper towels- although we know that those are a commodity right now. It works best to have the person having their feet washed seated in a chair. As you wash their feet say something like, “Jesus taught us to love one another by being a servant. I love you and Jesus does too!”

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