A Week of Wonderful Mission Work

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Dear Church Family,

Since my last note to you, I’ve made the roundtrip to Rivas, Nicaragua and am back on American soil as I write this tonight.

We spent a wonderful week in mission working alongside the people of Mata de Cana to dig a clean water well in cooperation with Living Water International. Jennifer and I have been honored to lead an incredible team of 12 Custer Road members for the first ever international trip with LWI.

We arrived on Sunday afternoon and were met by our wonderful host, Douglas. After leaving the airport and grabbing a quick lunch, things got off to a difficult start as we were forced to drive three hours out of our way in order to get to where we were staying because of protests in response to the upcoming elections in Nicaragua. We were all very tired from the long day of travel and turned in early to be rested for our first day of work!

Bright and early Monday morning, Douglas talked to us over breakfast about the process of digging a well in a remote location and the challenges it can often present. We prayed as a team and asked God to guide us and then headed out to begin our work.

Our first task was to drill about 50 feet down at which point we hit the first aquifer. The noise of the drill brought out a lot of curious neighbors who were cautiously excited to see what we were doing. The next day we drilled further down to approximately 95 feet before hitting a snag, or to be more precise, really…hard…rock! After another two days of excruciatingly slow drilling it was determined that we could not drill any further. We then shifted our attention to flushing the well, installed the perforated PVC pipe and the gravel filtration system. Unfortunately this is where our work had to stop as LWI was unable to deliver enough water to the site so that we could flush the well a final time before installing the hand pump. Did I mention that there are oftentimes challenges to drilling in a remote area? Thankfully the water that was used to flush the well arrived shortly after we had to leave, and we were assured that the well will be completed over the next couple of days! What a joy to know that this community will have clean water for years to come thanks to God’s goodness through LWI, the hard working residents of the Mata de Cana community, our team of dedicated servants from Custer Road, and so many of you who supported this trip with your prayers and your gifts!

During our last full day of work, we were blessed to share a home cooked meal with several families from the community. The traditional Nicaraguan celebration soup was absolutely delicious and was a tremendous gesture of generosity, appreciation, and kindness. In the coming weeks I will share more from our trip…so until then I would like to thank you again for helping us provide clean, fresh water, and the Good News of Jesus (the Living Water) to the beautiful people of this community.

If you’ve never taken an international mission trip, I urge you to set aside the time and resources to do so. In just a few short weeks, CRUMC is sending another group to Mexico to work with Juntos Servimos and Proyecto Abrigo serving impoverished families in Juarez, Mexico. There are still open spots for this trip which is happening October 7-10 and youth in grades 9 or higher are welcome to serve with their parents. To learn more click here.

Finally, I want to thank our Care Ministries team for a wonderful kick-off to our Tuesday Nights Together event this week. More than 80 people gathered for a home cooked dinner together and a wonderful time of fellowship. We will be doing this each month, so mark your calendars for October 4 for the next TNT.

I look forward to worshipping with you tomorrow!


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