What I’m Giving Up for Lent

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Dear Church Family, 
They say you can’t believe everything you read, but our neighbors in Collin County can take this endorsement to the bank! Our church was recently voted as the Reader’s Choice for Best Place to Worship in Collin County. I love what Rob Webster, our Communications Director told the Plano Star Courier when they called to congratulate us:
“Our prayer is that our worship services honor God and inspire people to love Him, serve Him and serve others.” 
Truly, our church is a special place to worship, and it’s not because of our beautiful Sanctuary or the music or the preaching….well maybe these things have something to do with it. But in reality, Custer Road is a great place to worship because of you who show up each week to offer your heart and soul in praise and thanksgiving to God. Moreover, the thing that I am most inspired by, though, is the way you live out your faith the other six days of the week. Thank you for being a church that does so much for so many others in the name of Jesus! It’s truly a privilege to serve alongside you. 
Wednesday marked the beginning of Lent. I hope you were able to join us for the Pancake Supper and Ash Wednesday service this past week. Like many of you, I have chosen to give something up during this season to help focus my heart on the One who gave up everything so we might have life eternal. 

In the past, I’ve deprived myself of everything from caffeine to sugar. But this year, Jennifer and I have decided to give up something a little less tangible. Inspired by a recent conversation in the small group we attend, we are trying to give up our spirit of discontentment. It’s something we have been struggling with the last few years as our family has been in a season of change and new beginnings. We’ve frequently found ourselves focusing more on the things that we’ve lost instead of all that we have gained. 
Well, enough is enough. Starting Wednesday, we began posting to Facebook daily about something for which we are truly grateful. Why Facebook? For accountability from our friends and to possibly inspire others who find themselves struggling in this area as well. 
If you’d like to follow along and join us you can do so on our Facebook page or my wife’s blog Confessions of a Pastor’s Family.
I want to thank each and every one of you who brought your 2016 commitment cards to the church on Sunday or have made a commitment online. So far we have received 255 commitment cards for a total of $ 1.6 M. Out of the 255 commitments 211 have already given towards their 2016 commitment.
I cannot overstate the importance of your making an official pledge as it enables our finance team to formulate an accurate budget for the coming year. Because this fall was dedicated to our Above & Beyond capital campaign we opted to forego our annual stewardship campaign believing that each of you would continue giving at your current levels to our operations budget. Many of you are already doing this in practice but without a pledge card we won’t know what we can count on in the coming year. With this in mind, please to turn in your pledge or fill it out here as soon as possible. Thank you in advance for your stewardship! Your generosity is truly changing lives in our community. 
Be sure to invite someone to join you for church this Sunday as we will begin our new sermon series “Making a Messiah”. Throughout this Lenten season, we’ll be looking at the events leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus. You can watch (and share!) a promo video here. We’ll examine the eternal implications of the public execution of an innocent man who was put to death for our transgressions as we await the coming of Easter with the celebration of our risen Lord!

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